Are you in this situation where you already have a diet but you are not losing the weight you want as fast as you want it?

Here are six simple weight loss tips you can start applying to your diet today to make it more effective.

Number 1: STOP drinking beer (or any alcohol), drinking one single beer is equivalent to 2 slices of bread.

Number 2: Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. I know you might think why should I do that? It will do the opposite of losing weight! Well, yes that’s true, but remember you are not a ROBOT. Having a cheat meal once a week will keep you motivated and therefore you won’t think losing weight is too hard and finish by quitting everything.

Number 3: Don’t eat the same food every day. Many people eat chicken and rice all the time because there is a low percentage of fat. But after a week or two, you will get bored. Go on some cooking website and try simple and healthy recipes.

Number 4: Go to the supermarket after eating. I know it’s weird, but its effective. Once you are full your body won’t desire any more calories and therefore you won’t buy any junk food.

Number 5: Buy smaller plates. This again, is another wired trick, but there are over 50 studies to support my tip. Having smaller plates will reduce the quantity of food you can put on it and your brain will think its full.

Number 6: If you are still hungry after your meal, eat either bananas or apples. These two fruits will help you full your stomach with a very low calorie count. And if you are still hungry after that drink water or green tea.