Before walking you through on how to water fast, let’s talk about what is water fasting. Water fasting is simply not eating or drinking anything (except water) for a certain period of time. Many people do this to lose weight fast but it can be very dangerous and we strongly advise you to get a coach and visit your doctor before water fasting.

Step 1: This is the most important, if you have any medical conditions do NOT water fast.

Step 2: Find a period of time you want to do it. We would recommend to do it for 3-5 days. This period has to be under very low conditions of stress (no exams, no work, no physical activities etc.)

Step 3: Tell your family, friends (anyone that important to you) just so they can help you prepare mentally. You can also read books and watch videos of people who did water fasting.

Step 4: Prepare your body. It is not a good idea to fast straight away. To do so, skip a few meals 2 or 3 days before doing it.

Step 5: While you are water fasting you should drink around 2.5 liters to 3 liters a day. But do not drink this all at once. First off, because it’s impossible. Secondly, it’s a better idea to drink when you are hungry (to reduce the hunger pangs).

Step 6: Avoid intense exercise, your body is very weak during this period of time (remember you have nothing but water in your body). Do yoga exercises instead.

Step 7: After water fasting, you need to increase the quantity of food gradually. Eating a big quantity of food straight after (just because you are starving) is a terrible plan. Your body won’t be used to it.

Step 8: The last and final step is just an advice, eating high fat and high sugar foods afterwards will make your fasting useless. You did a great job, it would be terrible to get everything you lost back! Adopt a healthy lifestyle instead.

Here are 5 benefits of water fasting:

  • You lose approximately around 1 pound a day of fat (0.5 kilogrammes).
  • You increase the immunity of your cells.
  • Stress level decrease due to a lower blood pressure.
  • Improves body repair.
  • Reduces certain cancer cells.


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