With over 300 postures, yoga is one of the best sports to relax. It’s so great, you don’t even need to take lessons to do it. Yoga has plenty (or maybe I should say a huge amount) of benefits.

In this article we will only give you the 4 most important ones just to make you want to try it out.

    • Standing at the top of the podium is it improves your flexibility, doing yoga on a daily basis and gradually improving the complexity of the poses will help you be more flexible.

    • Yoga makes you happier. It has been proven by a study that certain poses of yoga like the lotus and a consistent practice will decrease depression level.

    • Increases the strength of your muscles, having big muscles is good but having healthy muscles is better.

    • This activity helps you get a better blood flow. Due to big respirations, yoga helps you get more oxygen to your cells which increases the fluidity of the blood in the vessels.

So here are the seven poses you can try today:

1 - The mountain pose. This pose is for absolute beginners. You might be thinking this is just standing straight and therefore you’re doing plenty of yoga every day, but there is still a technique. So to do it, stand straight with your feet attached and you should feel like there is a rope glued to your head which is lifting you upwards. Take deep breaths (around 5-10) and each time you did a slow respiration, your shoulders should be a tiny bit higher.

2 - The child’s pose. This one helps you relieve your back pain and stretches your hips. Simply sit comfortably on your knees with your arms pointing and the sky and bring your chest to your legs until your hands touch the floor. Do 7-10 respirations.

3 - The lotus position. This is the most stereotypical pose of yoga, you know the one were people doing it say “woooommmmm” … Anyway, just cross your legs and put your hands on your knees (take at least 10 respirations). Your back should perfectly straight and you will need to feel the same sensations as the mountain pose.

4 - The Bhujangasana mostly known as the cobra pose is the best position to relieve your lower back pain position. It is also very good for digestion and stress reliever. Lie on the floor (facing down) with a gap of 1-2 feet between each legs and bring your hands at shoulder level. Put the palm of the hand on the floor and lift your upper body slowly with the lower part attached to the floor. You should be taking around 7-10 respirations.

5 - The downward facing dog. Put your hands and knees on the floor, with your hands and knees wide apart. Then, lift your hips until your knees are slightly bent and your arms & back are straight. Your head needs to be between your arms with your eyes looking at your feet. Take 4-8 breaths.

6 - The bridge pose. This pose has plenty of benefits like calming the brain and the central nervous system or improving the circulation of the blood. Simply lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms on the side of your hips. At this point, push your hips upwards and keep your neck and your feet on the floor. Take 7-10 respirations.

7 - The peacock pose. This is a more complex position, so don’t worry if you don’t master it straight away. Start by putting yourself into a push up position but with the width of your arms the same as the width of your shoulders. Afterwards, lower your chest until your elbows touch your belly (this part is very important). At this point, try to lift your legs and find a balance. To make it easier, try to put your head lower than your legs (not too much tough, otherwise you will hurt yourself).

Advice: Use all the yoga poses as a program for two to three weeks, doing it for at least twice each week if you want to make it effective. After that, try changing the poses and add more difficulty to them.


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